Thursday, September 17, 2009

Italy, You Made Me Happy!

Last night I was at a dessert party. There was probably 12-15 people of which a few I knew. Before you were allowed to fill up your plate with the cornucopia of confections, you had to stop at a small table to smell and silently identify 4 viles of various scents (Le Nez Du Vin). You then recorded those results on an index card and submitted it to the host. It was a great game to start the evening. That being said, I quickly made my way over to the wine.

Syrah, a Cabernet Sauvignon Blend, Dry Riesling, Bordeaux Blanc...funny no dessert wine. Of course I powered through a mini tasting of these wines, however with little focus because I was anxious for what I had brought, a Cascinetta Vietti 2008 Moscato d' Asti D.O.C.G.

Moscato, the grape, is known by several names: Orange Muscat, Muscat, Muscat Canelli, Muscadel, and so on. Now I will tell you, I don't drink a lot of Moscato--but this wine was F%$#ing awesome. You know it's F%$#ing awesome when you think to yourself, "hmmmm, would Muscato be a cool name for my first born son?" That aside, along with a conclusion of "no probably not", it doesn't change the fact that this wine made me happy.

Moscato isn't known for extracting terrior and expressing the land or tasting like a million dollars--the Cascinetta Vietti was no different in that sense. Thankfully however, it didn’t taste like the few bad examples I had in the past. This was pure, full and creamy. It almost reminded me of key lime pie, except with that classic musk aroma, almost a fresh sage aspect and "strong enough for him but PH balanced for her." It was delicious and perfect for almost any dessert, I will be buying more. This wine was 16 bucks. Not inexpensive, but exactly what I look for in a Moscato. Find it and start with two bottles because it's only5.5% Alc. Enjoy the Buzz!

Oh and by the way, I won the scent identification game!

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  1. Love the blog Dave, keep it up - it's fun to try some of your suggestions :)